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Cooking Without Looking
Cooking without Looking Grilled salmon and salad Spaghetti & Sauce Scrambled Eggs
Make these delicious meals using the kitchen tools demonstra

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Cooking without Looking Videos

Cooking without Looking Video - Kitchen Tool Demonstration
Kitchen tool demonstration: 4 minutes

Cooking without Looking Video - Cooking Demonstration
Cooking demonstration: 11 minutes


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I know you, like me, are interested in maintaining good eye health. Research shows that there is a positive impact on general eye health in eating nutritious foods such as those rich in antioxidants and carotenoids

So I'm writing to you today to share videos from our recent VISIONS conference called Cooking without Looking to help get you in the kitchen.

In these videos, Chef Andrea Scala and her sister Erin Scala, who has retinitis pigmentosa, show how people with low or no vision can prepare healthy and delicious meals safely.

Start by taking a moment to watch a video where they will demonstrate kitchen tools that make food preparation easier and safer.  These useful tools range from a timer to a talking meat thermometer.

Finally, check out their cooking demonstration video and learn how to apply these tools and other techniques to prepare:

You'll also gain tips on how to safely dice an onion, easily peel carrots, separate an egg yolk from the whites and more.

Even if you are a master chef, I think you'll gain a new trick or two. If you are a beginner in the kitchen, you will learn about some useful tools and techniques that will increase your competence and confidence.  I know you will enjoy the Cooking without Looking video series.

I am so thankful for your support in our fight against blindness.  Because of you, we are getting closer to the day when no one will need to cook without looking.


Bill Schmidt
William T. Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer
Bill Schmidt
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P.S. To find the kitchen tools featured in these videos, please visit  Until August 31st, MaxiAids is offering our members a chance to save 10% on all of their products that will help you in the kitchen and much more.  Just enter VISIONS2011 in the promotion code box on the checkout page and click UPDATE so that the discount will be applied. (The 10% discount will be given on most items, some exceptions will apply.)

*Physicians differ in their approach to incorporating research results into their clinical practice.  You should always consult with and be guided by your physician's advice when considering treatment based on research results.

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