Fundraising Tools

There are two ways to raise money for your local VisionWalk.

  1. Event Sponsorship
  2. Team Donations


Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities range from $500 to $10,000 (and more!) for each local Walk. Sponsors get a range of benefits in consideration of their donation such as their logo on the brochures or the T-shirt, signage at the Walk, and placement on our website. Benefits depend on the level of sponsorship. For information on your Walk's sponsorship levels, click on your Walk then check out the "Sponsorship Opportunities" link on the lower right hand side of the page.

Who are potential sponsors? Any business that you have a personal connection to. Examples include:

  • Your employer or your spouse’s employer.
  • A relative or close friend who owns a business.
  • A company that you give a lot of business to.

Successful fundraisers have learned that a personal request has a much better chance of getting a yes than a cold ask. If you ask a company you have a relationship with for a donation, you will probably get a positive response the majority of the time. If you send a request into a company you have no relationship with, you are very unlikely to get a donation.

Sponsors support the Walk, and get benefits applicable to the Walk, and are therefore not credited to your Team's total. The second way to raise money for your local VisionWalk is to collect Team donations.


Team Donations

Donations made to you or your Team can be of any size, from cash donations of as little as $1.00 to credit card donations of several hundred, or even several thousand, dollars. The best way to solicit these donations is through a letter or email campaign. Your letter should be very personal, speak from the heart, and directly ask for a donation. 

Another powerful way to tell your story is to personalize your Personal and Team pages on the Walk website. Once you've done that you can upload email addresses and send your friends and family your fundraising letter. 


If you have any questions, please contact your local FFB Event Manager.