Making a VisionWalk Media Splash!



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Reaching out to your local media is an effective and fun vehicle for getting the word out about VisionWalk and the importance of sight-saving research! Not only does news coverage raise awareness about the Foundation Fighting Blindness and the VisionWalk program, but it helps drive attendance, boost fundraising, and recognize the passionate volunteers who make it all possible.

Media coverage can be achieved in a variety of ways. An interview on a local television or radio station. A feature story in the daily paper. A radio public service announcement. A mention in a community calendar or blog. A printed photo and caption from the event. These examples are all great opportunities to highlight VisionWalk in your community.

At the heart of every good news piece, you’ll always find a great story.


VisionWalk is chocked full of amazing people overcoming obstacles, rallying communities, and fighting for a cause they are passionate about. Communicating these human interest stories to the media will help you be successful in promoting your VisionWalk!

Here are a few tools available to help you spread the word:



Media Buzz from the Spring and Fall 2012 VisionWalk Seasons

Fall 2012

  • Pittsburgh Tribune Review
    Pittsburgh area researchers discuss how advancements in research are giving hope to those with vision loss.

  • Tri-State Defender (Memphis)
    Gino and Alicia Hall talk about how a blinding disease has affected their son’s life, and why people should participate in the Memphis VisionWalk.
  • WHAS-TV (Channel 11 in Louisville)
    18-year-old Ty Griffin speaks to WHAS-11 about what life with retinitis pigmentosa is like, and how events like the VisionWalk are giving him hope.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Captain's Blog (Tampa Bay)
    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders show support for their former squad member, Maria Cartagena, who was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, by participating in the Tampa Bay VisionWalk and raising over $8,000.
  • WFMY-News 2 (Greensboro, NC)
    The Kelly family talks about living with retinitis pigmentosa and their efforts to raise funding for research at the Triad VisionWalk.
  • Glen Cove Record Pilot (Long Island)
    Motivated by his father’s retinitis pigmentosa, Long Island VisionWalk Youth Chair, Nicholas McNeil raises awareness about blinding diseases.
  • Lutz Patch (Tampa Bay)
    Mrs. World, April Lufriu speaks about how she and her family are affected by retinitis pigmentosa, her determination to help others, and her hope that a cure will soon be found.

Spring 2012

  • ABC 15 (Phoenix)
    8-year-old Abby Crosby and her mom talk about Abby’s life with retinitis pigmentosa and the upcoming Phoenix VisionWalk.
  • Santa Barbara Independent
    Two young Santa Barbara girls discuss their blinding diseases and their hope of finding a cure by participating in the 2nd Annual Santa Barbara VisionWalk.
  • KENS 5 TV (San Antonio)
    12-year-old Jameson Dunn and his family talk about Jameson’s battle with Stargardt disease and their involvement in the San Antonio VisionWalk.
  • Desert News (Salt Lake City)
    Linda & Richard Eyre share the story of their granddaughter’s battle with the rare genetic syndrome Bardet-Biedl.
  • (Virginia Beach)
    Debra Laughlin, who suffers from progressive cone-rod dystrophy, speaks about forming the local chapter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and upcoming fundraising events.
  • Prince George's Suite (Maryland)
    14-year-old Bjorn Brooks, who has retinitis pigmentosa, talks about how his Prince George’s County classmates are helping him fight blindness.
  • WGN-TV Chicago
    Mrs. World April Lufriu visits the set of WGN-TV in Chicago to talk about the Chicago VisionWalk.
  • NBC 6 (Portland, Maine)
    A University of Southern Maine Student with Usher Syndrome discusses how he won’t let his blindness stand in the way of his dreams.

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