Share Your Story with Your Virtual Community


There's a lot of buzz these days about using social networking on the Internet as a way to increase support and awareness for non-profits and their causes. It's incredibly dynamic and full of potential for creating your own virtual community.

Here are a few tips on ways you can use social networks to spread the word about VisionWalk:

social networking


  • Make a Direct Ask
    Make sure you're asking your friends to DO something. Use words like: "Donate Now!" or "Share This". Unless you are direct, you won't get results.
  • Say Thank You
    It seems like such a simple thing but a thank you can go a long way. If someone donates to your team, thank them publicly though your social network.
  • Tell Them How
    Make sure you include a brief explanation of how and where they can donate to you. Include a link to your personal fundraising page.
  • Tell a Story
    Why are you participating in VisionWalk? Tell your friends why it is important to you and why you need their support. Make it personal.
  • Sharing is Caring
    If you add a link to your post on Facebook, it adds a share button to the posting. Encourage your friends to click that share button so that they can repost your message and share it with their friends.
  • Make it a Challenge
    Set a lofty goal for yourself and let everyone in your virtual community know what it is. Tell them they are the only ones who can help you reach that goal. Give them something to care about.


  • Become a Fan
    Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You'll get news and meet other people with ideas on VisionWalk fundraising. To become a fan click on the Facebook, Twitter or YouTube icons on the left side of this page.
  • Visit your Walk's Event Page
    After you "like" the VisionWalk Official page on Facebook, check out our events tab. Find your Walk, RSVP and then invite everyone on your social network to the Walk. It is a great way to spread awareness.
  • Promote, Promote, Promote
    Don't just use your status updates to communicate with your network! Get
    the word out with messages, chat, profile information, photo albums and wall posts.


  • Have Fun!
    Raising money and participating in VisionWalk is fun! Feel good about what you are doing to support the research that will one day put an end to blinding retinal degenerative diseases.
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