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VisionNation Frequently Asked Questions

What is VisionNation?

VisionNation is a special program created by the Foundation Fighting Blindness to empower people who care about ending blindness and restoring sight to create their own campaign to raise essential funds for vital research.

It is about bringing the community together to make treatments and cures possible.

What do I have to do to be a part of VisionNation?

You can participate in two ways:

  1. Become a VisionNation Leader.  It’s easy.  Use our special VisionNation tools to create your personal VisionNation Webpage.  It usually takes only 30 minutes to get everything set up.  Then use email (or Facebook, postal mail of whatever is easiest for you) to ask your friends and family to help you reach your VisionNation goal.  You will receive a VisionNation toolkit that has sample emails, fact and figures, and other items to make asking easy.
  2. Donate to VisionNation.  If you aren’t ready to be a VisionNation Leader, you can make an online donation to help someone else reach his or her VisionNation goal or just a general donation to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness’ work.

What happens to money raised through VisionNation?

All money raised through VisionNation is used to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness’ research and awareness programs.

Is my gift to VisionNation tax-deductible?

Yes, like all donations to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, donations made through VisionNation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Is my credit card and other information secure?

Yes.   All credit card donations to VisionNation are processed through our secure servers using industry-standard SSL encryption.  After completion of the transaction, credit card information is destroyed.  The Foundation Fighting Blindness does not retain or store your credit card number.

All other information including passwords, email address, and other personal information is securely stored in our database.  We employ state of the art encryption and use secure data protocols to keep your information safe.

Can people make donations to VisionNation without using the website?

Yes.  Your supporters can make donations by check or money order if they prefer not to make a gift with a credit or debit card online.

Checks and money orders should be made out to Foundation Fighting Blindness and mailed to:

Foundation Fighting Blindness
PO Box 17279
Baltimore, MD 21203-7279

Your name and VisionNation must appear on the check or money order in order for it to be credited to your VisionNation Campaign.

Please never send cash.

Donations by credit/debit card or EFT can also be made by calling   1-800-683-5555.  The caller must give your name and mention VisionNation in order for the donation to be credited to your VisionNation campaign.

Making gifts online through your web page via a credit or debit card is the fastest and most efficient way to give to VisionNation.




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