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Get Started Today!

Starting your own VisionNation campaign is easy. You don’t need to be a computer wiz or have special expertise to participate and, in your VisionNation Toolkit, you’ll find a wealth of resources to draw upon.  If you have a problem, a Foundation Fighting Blindness staff member is here to help. 

So c’mon, get started!  It takes just four simple steps:

1 Sign up as a VisionNation
It’s easy and only takes 3-5 minutes.
2 Create A Personal VisionNation webpage

Tell people why you care about finding a cure!  In just a few simple paragraphs, tell your story to inspire others to help you end blindness and restore sight.  You can find some suggested text in the VisionNation Toolkit, and here are a few other tips:

  • Add a photo.  It can be you in action, a person you want to honor or remember, or something else that inspires you to help find a cure.
  • Select a campaign type.  You can celebrate a special personal event like a birthday or wedding or simply highlight the urgent need for a cure by designating your page, a personal page. You can also honor someone special in your life with an honor or memorial page.
  • Set your fundraising goal.  Your VisionNation goal can be any amount of $100 or more that is comfortable for you.  
A campaign goal of $100 is 10 people giving just $10 each, while a generous campaign goal of $1,000 is 10 people giving $100 each.

But please consider a campaign goal of $500.  That’s just 10 people giving $50 each!  Or 20 people giving just $25 each.
It usually takes 20-30 minutes to set up a personal VisionNation webpage.
3 Create your first email inviting your friends and family to help reach your campaign goal.  

In the VisionNation Toolkit, you’ll find sample email messages that you can personalize and make your own, or create unique messages yourself. Whichever you decide, to make sure you reach your goal, get started right away. 

4 Harness the power of Social Media.

That’s right!  Tell the world about your campaign on Facebook and Twitter.  Simply include a special link in your Facebook and Twitter posts to direct people to your VisionNation fundraising page.  Once there, your guests can easily make a tax-deductible donation of any size using their credit card. 

Their gift will be added to your goal and their generosity will be recognized on your page by name unless they choose not to be listed.

You can track your progress toward reaching your VisionNation fundraising goal from your personal webpage.

   It usually takes 10-15 minutes to create and send your first email,
as well as Facebook and Twitter posts.

You can have your VisionNation
campaign underway in just 45 minutes! 

If you have a problem, a Foundation Fighting Blindness staff member is here to help.  Please call 1-800-683-5555, toll-free, or email VisionNation@FightBlindness.org.

Get Started

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