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VisionNation Toolkit

Thank you for being a part of the VisionNation! 

You are now an official leader in a community coming together to end blindness and actually restore sight.  Your VisionNation Toolkit will help you set up a personalized fundraising page and get your friends and family members off to a strong start.

All the materials in your VisionNation Toolkit are resources for you.  Feel free to reproduce them as you need to and adapt them for your personal campaign.

You will also receive an email from your VisionNation Coach. Your coach is your personal liaison to the Foundation Fighting Blindness and we encourage you to use them as a resource to make your VisionNation campaign the absolute best that it can be.


Need more ideas?  Or prefer a pdf version of the VisionNationToolkit?  Download what you need here:

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Getting Started
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Reaching Out

Frequently Asked Questions about VisionNation will answer many of your questions about how to launch your VisionNation campaign.

Getting Started Getting Started will help you create a personalized VisionNation webpage by walking you through the set up process step-by-step.  You can also access sample text to use and adapt throughout your fundraising campaign.

Get Started Now
Reaching Out

Reaching Out will provide you with ideas and sample text as you enlist the support of friends and family.  In this section, you will find: 

  • Sample Text - We provide sample content for your VisionNation emails and cards.
  • Email Checklist - Use this checklist to run a successful email campaign for your fund.
  • Cards - Use VisionNation outreach cards for your friends and family to tell them about your VisionNation campaign.  You can choose either an ecard or a card you can print and send. 
  • Flyer - If you are planning to have a VisionNation event, you can adapt a VisionNation Flyer to publicize it.
  • Fact Sheet - provides you with facts and information about VisionNation, the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and the diseases we are fighting.  You may want to use this information in your campaign.
Reach Out Now

If you have additional questions about creating your VisionNation page, or other aspects of VisionNation, we’re here to help!  Please email VisionNation@FightBlindness.org  or call 1-800-683-5555, toll-free.

Thank you so much for participating in the VisionNation campaign!  You are truly doing something extraordinary that will lead to treatments and cures for blindness.  Thank you!

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