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What is VisionNation?

VisionNation is a community of visionary people coming together to raise funds that drives the research that will lead to cures and treatments for blindness.  It’s all about people uniting for a cure.

Each of us has a community of friends and family members who understand how devastating a loss of sight can be.  But many of them may not know about the Foundation Fighting Blindness’s efforts to find a comprehensive cure or how they can help to make a difference too.

VisionNation makes it easy for you to reach out to people in your community and ask them to come together to help provide the necessary resources.  When everyone gives just a little, it adds up to be a whole lot!  And all of it will go to support the cutting-edge scientific research that will end blindness and restore sight.

Our 2011 VisionNation, Friends & Family Unite for a Cure campaign seeks 500 new leaders by the end of this year.  If you care about ending blindness and restoring vision and want to inspire others to join the fight, please join the VisionNation, Friends and Family Unite for a Cure team  today.  Simply click Get Started below.

Get Started—start your VisionNation, Friends and Family Unite for a Cure campaign now with a simple click.  It takes just minutes to sign up.  Once you have joined, we’ll send you the easy-to-use VisionNation Toolkit with all the resources you’ll need to achieve your goal in the fight to end blindness.

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