Huge Round of Applause to our Walkers!
Thank you for joining us.

Wisconsin - Kim StepienCongratulations Wisconsin VisionWalkers!

The bad weather forecasts, cold and wind caused some challenges, but despite that, we could not have asked for a better group of dedicated supporters who joined us on Sunday!

A big THANK YOU to the entire Milwaukee community and all of Wisconsin (and beyond) for making our VisionWalk such a great success, including all of you who donated to your friends and family who are affected by vision loss. Your generous contributions will be utilized by the top scientists and researchers in the world to find a cure for blinding retinal diseases.

Our teams and families raised an AMAZING $75,000 so far, and I am still entering A LOT of checks from Sunday. Check out how close we are to our goal for the Wisconsin VisionWalk.  We have until June 30 to collect additional donations and reach that goal! We welcomed 608 participants and 44 teams, who enjoyed a fun day on the lakefront (although you actually couldn't SEE the lake through the fog!). 

IWisconsin - Walk Committeef you were unable to join us this year, please make a note to Walk with us in 2016 and see what a great job the Walk Committee does to ensure the success of the day. I will be posting a link to photos from the Walk so you can see for yourself. If you took any pics from Sunday, please send them to me and I will share with everyone.

T H A N K S   T O   O U R   W A L K  
C O M M I T T E E !

A very special thank you to our Walk Chair, Nicole Everson; Research Chair, Dr. David Gamm from the University of Wisconsin - Madison Hospitals and Clinics; Medical Chair Dr. Kim Stepien, Froedtert Eye Institute and The Medical College of Wisconsin; Family Chair Jennifer Emert; Chapter President Bunny Jordan; Youth Chairs McKenzie Karbash, Jenna Prock; Bennett Lehman, Jada Clark and Violet Clark; and the other members of our Walk Committee ... Peter Borchardt, Kelly Savasta, Liz and Becky Borkovec, Annette Matty-May, Nathan Carrasquillo, Stephanie Klas, and Theresa Smith. Your leadership and dedication to the VisionWalk was the driving force behind our success.

T H A N K S   T O   O U R   S P O N S O R S !

Wisconsin - Nikki and Milwaukee DancersWe would also like to thank our sponsors: Community Leaders - Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library; Commerce State Bank; Froedtert Eye Institute and The Medical College of Wisconsin; and Music On the Move Plus. Community Partners - Park Bank Foundation; Versevo; Peggie and Arol Sherwin; and Rivco Products.  Community Supporters - Design Vision Optical/Kids' Optique; Vision Forward, Eric Barbieri; Wind Lake Lions; REPETE Corporation; Beyond Vision; Advantage+; KHS USA Inc.; and Racine Danish Kringle.

Also, a special thank you to the many community sponsors and in-kind donors who made Sunday such a great day for so many. Racine Danish Kringle and Mike Heyer donated a HUGE quantity of delicious Kringles for breakfast and lunch. Thanks to Pepsi for supplying the bottled water.  

T H A N K S   T O   O U R   V O L U N T E E R S !

Tina Hamm from Zumba was awesome leading the warm-ups. And thanks to Annette Matty-May from Matty-May Photography for her time and expertise as our official photographer.

Wisconsin - OccupawsSpecial thanks to two participants: As he has done the past six years, Taj Jordan and Music on the Move Plus donated many things for the event, and their staff could not have been more professional and supportive. Musician and Milwaukee favorite, Eric Barbieri of the Barbeez, donated his time and, despite not being able to play live because of the weather, helped us out tremendously as our on-the-spot DJ.

We would like to give special recognition to the Pike Family/Theresa Lions Club, Becky Borkovec and family, Sue and Sue; and the Emert Family (thank you Matt!) for serving as volunteers extraordinaire. And finally, a HUGE thank you to all the Team Captains, walkers, and volunteers! Your support, dedication, and energy made the day a true success.

We appreciate EVERY DONATION and any level of fundraising our teams do, because it is a TEAM effort. But we also want to highlight the top Wisconsin VisionWalk teams and their captains for going above and beyond. These totals are still being added to as we enter checks. Congratulations on an amazing performance!

T O P   T E A M   F U N D R A I S E R S !

• TEAM RUMOR, Peter and Dave Borchardt ($15,500 ... a Wisconsin Walk record!)
• THE M&Ms, Nora Karbash ($9,500)
• HOOTIE WHOO, Bunny Jordan/Nikki Thompson ($6,510)
• EYE OF THE TIGER, Mary Jo Hutjens ($4,200)
• THE EYE INSTITUTE, Kelli Torisian & Mary Eigner ($3,500)
Wisconsin - David Gamm• CHRISSIE'S CRUSADERS, Cindy Alioto ($3,050)
• VISIONEARS, Nicole Everson ($2,470)
• TEAM BENNETT, Amy Lehman ($2,300)
• TEAM TANGO OF OCCUPAWS, Paul Turinske ($2,060)

A L L   S T A R   C L U B !

Many individual fundraisers achieved our VisionWalk All Stars Club status by raising more than $1,000 on their own to help their teams achieve such lofty numbers. We want to recognize their EXTRAORDINARY efforts:

Bunny Jordan
Liz Grober
Jeffrey Karbash
Mackenzie Karbash
Laure Borchardt
Christopher Karbash
Caitlyn Karbash
Nora Karbash
Marvin Hutjens
Theresa Smith
Mary Jo Hutjens
Cindy Alioto
Erv Hutjens
Jenna Prock
Nancy Wolck
Jack Emert-McKeown
Katie Prock
Kim Prock
Peggie Sherwin
Amy Lehman
Peter Borchardt
Dave Borchardt

We also recognized the Largest Walk Team: CHRISSIE'S CRUSADERS, who had 118 and unseated defending champion THE EYE INSTITUTE, which had 105.  THE DYSFUNCTIONAL "CONE"HEADS had 54, and TEAM BENNETT had 52 (based off registrations on walk day).  The M&Ms also had a big team of over 40!   
Wisconsin - Group Shot 2015
In the Best T-Shirt Category:  The BIG winner was Team Bennett! In second place, we had a tie between Team Sonar and The M&Ms; while Chrissie's Crusaders came in third place. NICE JOB everyone. It's always awesome to see the team unity and creativity!