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9th Annual South Florida VisionWalk

Cure Crusaders - Jacksonville Walk 2013
Cure Crusaders - Jacksonville Walk 2013


CURE CRUSADERS is a MOMS for Sight team representing its effort to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) in South Florida.  Team Captain, Suzi Ford, was the FFB Jacksonville Area Chapter President from Oct 2007 - Sept 2013 when she passed the baton to due to a relocation by her employer from Jacksonville to South Florida.

Suzi was an integral part of the development of the Jacksonville Area Chapter and received the 2012 FFB South Volunteer of the Year Award for her leadership and growth of the chapter.  The chapter leadership team received several awards in the past few years for their impact in the community, as well as for their research fundraising efforts through their VisionWalks.  Since its inaugural walk in 2009, the small chapter raised over A HALF MILLION DOLLARS for FFB to support their mission to find cures for retinal degenerative diseases.

As a director of MOMS for Sight, Suzi will continue to support the MOMS for Sight events to increase community awareness and fundraising projects that directly benefit FFB.  For more information, visit  She is pleased to have an opportunity to branch out down to South Florida with these amazing efforts. 

Please consider joining Suzi's Cure Crusaders as they begin their first South Florida crusade on November 15, 2014.

How can you make a difference in the lives of millions who are living with a life altering retinal degnerative disease?  Suzi will tell you this: 

"Every personal story helps educate our community.  Every person who learns of our effort will no longer feel they are alone and not know where to turn.  Every penny counts.  Every small step forward is one step closer to a cure.  Because of FFB and all of its supporters, we can all live with hope and no longer in fear of awakening to darkness.  A cure is in sight!!!

Thank you for considering joining our team and/or supporting it in any way you can.  Collectively, we CAN AND WILL make a difference.  Whether it is a $5 donation or a $500 donation that posts, you are helping us toward our common goal.  Four generations of my family have been affected by choroideremia and we are deeply appreciative for everyone's generosity and kindness by giving the gift of sight.  I GIVE YOU MY HEARTFELT THANK YOU." 


We hope you will join us on November 15th in Fort Lauderdale as we slowly begin to build our team in South Florida.  Thank you.


~Team Cure Crusaders

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