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Chicagoland VisionWalk FY17



It is difficult for me to believe that this is the 11th consecutive year my Team has participated in VisionWalk. During the first 10 years, even more difficult to believe, our Team has raised almost $750,000! If you are a past supporter, thank you for your years of commitment and, if you are a new supporter, welcome aboard!

The money we have raised has helped us advance to the point where more than 20 human clinical trials are currently taking place. Ten years ago, when we started this journey, there were less than 5 clinical trials going on. The pace at which the science has advanced in the last 10 years is exponential, enough to make your head spin. We are currently at a point where there are more promising clinical trials and research projects waiting in the wings than there is money available to fund them.

For me, personally, my vision has deteriorated to “light perception” only in my right eye and 20/640 in the left eye. It is safe to say that I have very little useful vision remaining.

I remain hopeful, however, that treatments are still within our grasp, in time to make a difference in my life. We need to remain positive and continue to provide the funding necessary to keep the research and clinical trial pipeline flowing. Your support means the world to me, and millions of others who will benefit from the work of the Foundation. I promise you that you are helping to make a difference and your generous gift will be spent on only the top projects, wherever in the world they may be located.

Thank you again for your support.


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