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Chicagoland VisionWalk FY17

Our valuable mission continues!!!
Our valuable mission continues!!!

Team Creviston's VisionQuest


Dear valued supporters;

Each year you continue your generous support is one less moment Joan could spend in total darkness. This past year the research efforts of The Foundation Fighting Blindness have yielded new groundbreaking discoveries.  The first successful stem cell implantation took place.  The FDA has approved a drug that has shown to slow the deterioration of retinal diseases.  Gene therapy strategies are using viruses to deliver healthy genes to the retina, replacing mutated genes. The FFB is continuing to lead the charge bringing together researchers from around the world to collaborate on their latest

efforts, bringing the cure ever sooner.

Join our team and help us get that cure!  June 12, Busse Woods.  Let’s walk together in support of the 11 million Americans we want to help and let The FFB know we believe in their sight restoring work.

Please continue to fuel the cure with your donations.  For us, it is a precious gift that will restore the light and the life to Joan’s eyes.  We are ever grateful for your kindness.



Duane and Joan Creviston, Co-captains

Team Creviston’s visionQuest



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