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Because you all are Fai's Eyes
Because you all are Fai's Eyes

Fai's Eyes

Welcome to Team Fai's Eyes!  I am deeply humbled that you are joining my team or considering joining my team.  I am calling our team Fai's Eyes because you all are my eyes.  When you guide me in dark places, you are my eyes.  When you tell me about obstacles in my way, you are my eyes.  When you read the menu to me in dark restaurants, you are my eyes.  All of these helpful acts of kindness are an extention of my eyes.  WIthout you, I would not be able to see as well and I thank you for that.


This page is a place for me to share additional information and to keep us motiviated to reach our team goal of raising $5,000 towards Foundation Fighting Blindness.  Additionally, I have a goal of having 50 walkers on my team.  Please join me for the walk by signing up to be on my team.  Also, please consider making any donation you can towards our goal and share this with your friends and family on social media.  Any donation makes a difference to help save and restore sight to the 10 million Americans living in darkness.  Support our team and help bring us closer to a cure because a Cure is in Sight!

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