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Alex and big sister, Emily
Alex and big sister, Emily

Alex's Allies

Dear Friends,

Our family will be supporting the Vision Walk in Phoenix on February 25, 2017. As some of you may know, our son, Alex was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa six years ago. RP is an inherited disease causing retinal degeneration. It is a progressive disorder. Alex's symptoms are night blindness, which we were aware of from an early age, and compromised peripheral vision. There is no "cure" but with the help of your donation, someday there could be. This year, through more genetic testing, we have identified the defective gene which is at the core of Alex's RP. This identification is important as we now know Alex is not a candidate for stem cell therapy but is for gene therapy and we closely watch the progress of the researchers in this area.

Alex, 18, is a senior at University High School and is looking forward to attending college. He received his 4th varsity letter for swimming and once again, participated in the state championship. His first true love, though, is the computer. Alex plans on studying computer science in college.

The following link gives you an idea of the research advancements in 2014 that were made possible in part through fundraising for the Foundation Fighting Blindness:

This link confirms FFB as one of the best charities to contribute to:

As you can see, every dollar does make a difference.  Thank you for your friendship and support.





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