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Chicagoland VisionWalk FY17

Bundys Battling Blindness

Thank you so much for visiting our page! We are really excited about participating in the Vision Walk for the fourth year in a row! We will be walking as a part of the local group here in Chicago, with our three munchinks! It will be Ben's first Vision Walk! We are so excited about what the Foundation Fighting Blindness is doing to try to cure blindness. Money collected by the foundation is essential in order to preform research for a cure.


Our generous friends and family give us hope that one day Bill's world will change. Among other things, a cure for Bill would make working easier and less time consuming. Having his vision back would allow Bill the freedom to drive again. It would allow him to engage in tasks that he has had to stop because of his eye sight, like playing sports. Having friends and family behind our family as we cope with Bill's RP is invaluable. Our family expresses our thanks from the bottom of our hearts! <3

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